iPhone not charging? Check for pocket lint.

For about a month, my iPhone 5 was troublesome when charging. I had to press the connector in very hard, or wiggle it from side to side, or prop the phone up funny to get it to charge. Today, it wouldn’t charge at all no matter what I did.

I tried multiple cables and everything I could think of. Finally, I shone a bright light into the lightning connector, and it seemed like the hole wasn’t deep enough. I was in the office, and didn’t have anything other than a paper clip to probe down in the hole, so I shut the phone completely off and probed in the hole with the bent paper clip.

I couldn’t believe the amount of lint that I was able to pull out of the hole. I don’t recommend using a paper clip, as you might damage the lightning connector or short something out, but a toothpick will work just as well.

Take a look at what came out of the lightning socket.


iphone and pocket lint

iPhone 5 and Pocket Lint from Lightning Socket


I am guessing that a few bits of lint fell into the socket every time the phone was placed in my front pants pocket, and when I charged the phone most every night, the connector did an excellent job of tamping the lint down, compressing it into the dark recesses of the socket. Not a problem, until enough lint built up to the point where the connector could not make a good connection.

So if your phone isn’t charging, make sure that the socket isn’t full of lint.

Google Updates Search Algorithm To Favor Mobile Ready Sites

Starting next week (April 21, 2015 to be exact) Google’s ranking algorithm will include mobile-friendly usability factors. Making sure your site is friendly to phones and tablets is now more important than ever.

It is unclear exactly what effect these changes to Google’s algorithm will have, but they have stated that a site is either friendly or it is not – that is, there is a “yes” or “no” answer to the question – no grey areas.

You can test your own site by going to Google’s mobile friendly testing tool. Put in your site’s URL, and it will indicate if the site is mobile friendly or not.


Let us know if you would like some help in testing your site or making it mobile friendly. Don’t get penalized by Google and see your hard-earned search results position go down.

Out with the old, in with the new

New Red Arrow Group site!

Our old site was very old, and needed to be updated. We had last updated the “skin” of the site many years ago. In fact, the last time we updated it, WordPress was mainly a blogging tool and didn’t support web sites very well at all. Times change, WordPress got much better, and we have been using it for years to support our clients. So we decided to go from this:

Old Red Arrow Group Web Site


To this:

New Red Arrow Group Web Site

The new site uses a fully responsive template (Enfold) so that it can run on desktops as well as small mobile screens. If you are on a desktop, you can see this if you grab the lower left corner of the browser window and make it smaller – the contents of the page will automatically adjust.

This new site reflects the sort of work we are doing these days – yes, we still support our clients with large database-driven websites like Potbelly and Chipotle (internal site), and along with that we are supporting WordPress sites like our own and the Community Resource Center, Gyroville, Moonlite Diner, and many others that you can see on our client page.

If you have any questions about the work we do, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you.