Your WordPress site is under attack! – Trouble Free WordPress can help.

Is your WordPress site secure? Do you keep WordPress and all of your plugins up to date?

No? Then keep reading.

I got an emergency call recently from a friend of a friend who knows I work on WordPress sites. He was devastated – his site had been hacked and replaced with a defacing page – you can see what it looked like below.

Your website is hacked

He was completely out of business! Of course he wanted to know if I could help him get his site back.

Normally this process would be straightforward. There would be a backup of the WordPress theme, uploads and plugins, and a backup of the database from a point in time before the hack occurred. We could restore that backup, and he’d be up and running.

So I asked for the control panel credentials and the backup files.

Stop right there. What backup files? He had NEVER done a backup! It had never even occurred to him.

So now the restoration process becomes a huge time expenditure – going through the site file by file, going through the posts and pages and comments, one by one, looking for hacks. What a pain!

I got him up and going, and then I realized that he’s not the only one.

In fact, you could be in the same situation!

You see, since WordPress is so popular – there are something like 100 million WordPress web sites out there – it becomes a huge target for hackers. There is no reason we should make it easy for them to put us out of business.

So we sat down and came up with a service that we now do for all of the WordPress sites that we manage – over 40 of them right now – which makes them more secure and hack-proof, and gives us a fallback should the worst happen and they get hacked. Here is what we’ll do for your site:

  • Stop brute-force login attacks
  • Remove a key piece of information that makes it easy for hackers to log in
  • Change a standard setting that should be changed but probably hasn’t.
  • Stop hackers who have busted in to your web hosting company from damaging your WordPress database.
  • Set up a simple firewall to stop hackers in their tracks.
  • Implement a backup strategy that will enable you to restore your site should your web server go down or get hacked. You’ll also need a backup if you want to move your WordPress site to another server.

It costs just $15/month for to have Trouble Free WordPress – just 50 cents per day. Why wait – give us a call or write an email and we’ll get started right away for you and your site.