WordPress is a powerful and extensible content management system that we know well. It can work very well for many sites – including the one you are browsing right now.

If your site is in WordPress, you’ll be able to edit the site’s content directly if you want. Of course, we’re always here to help or back up up, but we’ll teach you how it works so that you don’t have to call us for every little change.

WordPress has literally millions of plugins – pieces of code that add functionality – that can help the site do almost anything you can think of.  Content sliders and slideshows, shopping carts, calendars and event registrations, connections to Google Analytics and search engines, security tools. Many, many plugins, and we know the ones that every site should have and work well.

With all of those plugins comes a risk – a risk that your site doesn’t have the most recent version of those plugins. We have the answer to that – a service that we call Trouble Free WP – where we scan and update your site with any needed updates every day.

Another feature of our Trouble Free WP service is a nightly backup so that in case your host loses your files or you do get hacked we can get you back up and running quickly.